Brief information about Vadim Ermolaev in Forbes Ukraine — Vadim Ermolaev

Fortune: $68 million



Age: 50 years

Business dimensions: real estate, alcohol

Birthplace: Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk)

Family status: Married

Assets: Actabank

Dnipropetrovsk businessman Vadim Ermolaev is still one of the most successful investor in his city. His shopping and entertainment centres “MOST City” and “Cascade Plaza” total 257,000  m2 in total area, according to Forbes rentier ranking based on the results of 2015 showed the income in $10 million. After the loss of Actabank and a part of alcohol business it is real estate which remains the main source of Ermolaev income.

His partners tells that he personally takes the control over everything what is going on in his shopping malls, knows the name of each and every employee. However, Ermolaev isn’t a public person, he doesn’t give interviews and avoids photographers.


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